• Free Activites

    Tests and activities on John Simpson Kirkpatrick and John Monash are now available from the website.
  • Illustrations

    One of the pleasing things about the illustrations in the Aussie Notables series, based on the characters on our Australian bank notes, is that the...
  • Creation

    There's something very satisfying about self-publishing, once you get the hang of it. With John Simpson Kirkpatrick at the printers, as well as a r...
  • Banjo Paterson

    Just received the drafts of the illustrations for Banjo Paterson from Glenn Lumsden. Brilliant as always and will make the book very appealing for ...
  • John Simpson Kirkpatrick and Joan of Arc

    We have two books in an advanced stage of illustration: John Simpson Kirkpatrick and Joan of Arc. Elizabeth Macarthur will be delivered next week.
  • John Simpson Kirkpatrick illustrations

    The illustrations for John Simpson Kirkpatrick are nearly done and they are guaramteed to appeal to the young reader.
  • New School Year

    With the new school year about to start, we have at the printer Mary Gilmore (constantly in demand in Queensland primary schools) and a third editi...