Talks & Work Shops

Allan Drummond, author, teacher and founder of Green Barrow Publishing, is available for talks and/or workshops.


Choose from these options - or subject matter can be tailored to your needs:


  • What is Research?

  • How to Write: dialogue, narrative, biography

  • Authors and Illustrators: creating together

  • The People Who Made Australia: Aussie Notables, Elizabeth Macarthur, Edmund Barton, John Simpson Kirkpatrick, Fred Hollows, Charles Kingsford Smith and more

  • Famous Medieval Characters: Joan of Arc, William the Conqueror, Clare of Assisi, Catherine of Siena or St Brigid

  • History as a Stimulus to Creative Writing: eg Mary Gilmore or Edith Cowan’s advice to a modern Prime Minister; Caroline Chisholm discusses what to do with refugees; "My Lowest Moment" (John Curtin)... 

  • Two Heroes of Burma: Weary Dunlop of the Burma Railway and Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma


Contact us to arrange a booking.