About us

I started writing biographies for a Year 8 History class and they were well received. I tried a few publishers, but they wanted a different style of book altogether. So I published and marketed them myself with several titles topping 10,000 copies, and there were/are 35 titles altogether. The series on the characters on the Australian banknotes were a major hit. The opportunity to teach in South Sudan was too good to refuse and I would love to be there still. Wiser heads than I decided that I was a Covid 19 risk, so I'm back, but with a new energy. 

Depending on my artists and ebook converters, I'll try to get a new title to you every 2 to 3 weeks. Kids everywhere are entitled to know about these characters, and to measure themselves against them as they enter adolescence.

This is what I used to look like. Ouch!!!