Fred Hollows

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Thanks to Fred Hollows, well over a million people who would otherwise have been blind can see. 

He gave sight to the blind in far away places such as Nepal, Eritrea and Vietnam, but it was his unselfish commitment to eye and health care among Australian Aborigines that first made his adopted country sit up and take notice. He worked among them, with them and for them, in urban Redfern and through the red heart of Australia. At the end of his life, he was buried at Bourke, in that same red dirt that he had grown to love as a symbol of Australia and its indigenous people.


Written by Allan Drummond.

Illustrated by Rod Tokely 

Paperback. 80 pages. 

B & W illustrations and photographs. Index 

For 10-14 year olds.

2nd Edition 


ISBN: 1-876460-55-5

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