Australia Day is Coming

 I hope you are preparing as well for Australia Day as you did for Christmas. Tick off which of these Aussie Notables you have read so far:

John Flynn, John Monash, Henry Parkes, Mary Gilmore and/or Mary Reiby. Three out of five is the pass mark! How did you go? In a week or two, the pass mark goes up to four out of six, because Nellie Melba is about to head to the printer. So a 60% pass mark becomes an 66% pass mark .... which reminds me of the Australian constitution. Since we have to get a majority of people in a majority of states, it would be easier if we had 5 states, or 7 (57%), or 8 (62.5%) ... or 50 (52%). There's got to be a moral in there somewhere.

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