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  • Edmund Barton all over Australia

    We sent copies of Edmund Barton to all states in Australia today. If he hadn't pushed Federation through, they probably be paying duties at the b...
  • Writers 2

    Edmund Barton has arrived. A day of packaging and mailing looms. That's another book out of the way, but I'm never going to be able to cover all of...
  • Writers

    I've got this idea running through my head that I should invite others to write some biographies of famous people for 10 - 14 year olds: schoolteac...
  • Edmund Barton Activities

    Activities on the new Ed Barton book will be available free until next Friday. Select and proceed to checkout.
  • Fred Hollows

    Fred has recently arrived from the printers and is being dispatched. You can wait by the letter box. Delivery shouldn't be more than a day or two.
  • Fred Hollows Photos

    Had an interesting and informative half hour with Prof Hugh Taylor at Melbourne University yesterday, selecting photos from his collection for use ...
  • Weary proofs

      I received the proofs of Weary Dunlop from the printer yesterday and thoroughly approved of them. Can't wait for the final product.      
  • Weary!

    It can be tiring finishing off the last details of a book. Which is why we are pleased that Weary Dunlop is finally in the hands of the printer.
  • Elizabeth Macarthur

    We are producing six titles this year, and endeavouring to keep a unity in the covers. Just received the illustration for Elizabeth Macarthur. It's...
  • Weary Dunlop Index

    We're working on an index for the forthcoming Weary Dunlop book.
  • Fred Hollows Activities

    For a short time, you can download activities on the forthcoming Fred Hollows book FREE from the website.
  • Fred Hollows.

    Fred will be delayed a few weeks because we have had a late offer of a collection of photos of Fred at work.